So often I suffer from the Instragram and Blog blues. For me, this is a case of comparing my life with what I see people posting on social media. Dreamy homes, beautiful clothes, days out, healthy food, perfectly happy families. I constantly have to remind myself that what you see through your little computer or mobile screen is not real life. It doesn’t show bills that have to be paid, messes that need cleaning, quick unhealthy meals, the ‘i’ve-got-nothing-to-wear’ days, or the days where nothing seems to go to plan.

When I came across The August Break 2014 through the Do What You Love website, I jumped at the idea of doing a fun, creative project which encourages me to pause, photograph and admire the day to day happenings that we all, so often, take for granted.

Susannah Conway has kindly provided daily photo prompts to help you focus on something new every day. I am so excited to get started with this and hope that I will be able to stick to the goal of having one photograph for every day of August 2014.

I will be sharing my photos on our blog and via Instragram using the hashtag ‘#augustbreak2014’

Can’t wait to see what other people have to share!



*For full details of The August Break 2014, head over to Susannah Conway’s blog. All images in this post are property of Susannah Conway and have been provided for public use on her blog*




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