OK so lets rewind a little bit and remember September…I have been wanting to write this post for some time now but have just not had the time! We have been so busy in the evenings and at weekends I like to spend as little time at the computer as possible. I want to take a moment to write about September.

September started with a BANG, a new job for her and the start of a masters degree for him.

I went away for nine days on a skills week, we stayed in a student halls of residents in London and I realised how much my life had changed since those university days – I am so grateful for this little apartment we call home, the city we live in and the time we get to spend doing things we love, things that are making us grow as individuals.

Gone are the days that I dread going back to my student room after a hard and long day of studying. Only to be greeted by unpleasantries, anxiety, damp and loneliness.

Over the nine days I managed to meet up with some school friends that I had not seen in a while. I just love being able to catch up with my childhood friends and update each other on our lives and laugh so much that we have tears rolling down our faces. There is usually some good food mixed in there too.

September for us, has been one of achievement, celebration and milestones. A few things that are worth remembering:

+ Meeting so many new people and although at times, overwhelming, truly appreciating the opportunities that my new job has given me. I feel that I have come so far in the past couple of months.

+ Consulting away day. Lets just say digger driving is MY thing!

+ We visited a mortgage adviser to give us some direction and money saving tips, we are doing so well at saving and are dreaming of that place of our own in the future

+ Attending our first formal company black tie event at my work and trying our hand at a bit of pretend poker

+ My mum visited Bath a couple of times in September and as always, we spent the days roaming the city, stopping for lunch and hot chocolate at our favourite places.

+ Slipping in our local supermarket on a vegetable and hurting my back but being given a £40 gift voucher!

+ I treated myself to my first grown-up camera with the generous leaving gift that my previous work place gave to me

+ Many hours spent on trains (I found myself on six different platforms in one day. Oh man!)

+ I was able to work in the Cardiff office for two consecutive days which allowed me to have a mid-week sleepover at my parents house and that felt SO good!

+ Michael visited York with two friends for an architectural competition and had a great time camping and eating really good food.

+ Cheering Michael on when he completed his second London – Bath cycle. So proud!

+ Michael has had some more exciting work opportunities this month with a local theatre designer

+ This one may only be something that I want to remember, but we sold that awfully large TV and I am so dang happy about that!

Update 1

Update 2

My mum asked me to put together a graphic for her little home crafting shop Little Dorrie. These cute little birds have such character and I loved photographing my mum’s work and creating a fun and eye catching colour scheme! Check out those little birdies over on her facebook page!

Little Dorrie - Yellow



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