As I previously mentioned, I treated myself to a fancy camera with the money that I was kindly gifted by my previous work place.

After much consideration and deliberation, I chose the camera of my dreams.. OK that sounds dramatic but whatever.

I knew I wanted a bridge camera, something not too large but with a better zoom and manual function than an ordinary point-and-shoot camera. I knew I wanted a camera with good film settings and also with a swivel LCD screen. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 with a Leika lens seemed like the camera for me.

Whilst in London for my new job induction week, I managed to do some experimenting with my new camera in the evenings and at the weekend. I am really happy with my purchase and my camera feels so comfortable in my hands. For me, it is a case of gaining more confidence with the manual settings, getting to know my camera more and just having a bit of fun!

After a day spent in side the London Office, learning about the new company I have joined, I was so desperate to get out and walk around, taking in the city that I called home for 20 years. I feel very attached to those 20 years and the memories I have of my childhood, it seems like a life that noone knew about. You could say that I am so scared to lose those memories and when I go back to my old, teenage haunts, those memories come flooding back and they are just so special to me now.

I took the time to visit Little Venice, went to Camden with Ashley for dinner and laughed at all those Friday nights spent dancing at the Ballroom and Bar One. I visited the Victoria and Albert Museum, got lost in the streets of Chelsea and strolled the South bank.

I am glad I had my new camera to capture those peaceful and thought-provoking walks, alone in a busy city.

London 3 + 2
London 6

London 5

London 4



HAHA ^ I just taught myself how to create a .gif. So fun!


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