For the past three years we have attended Michaels work summer party and this year it was camping in the New Forest! On Friday afternoon, we finished work a little earlier than usual and packed up the car. We had never been to the New Forest before so we were especially looking forward to it. Upon arrival, we were greeted by wild ponies, sunshine, and cows walking casually down the village pavement!

The weekend kicked off to a good start on Saturday morning with a bike ride on the office Brompton’s along some bumpy terrain, winding through fields and spotting horses and rabbits. We returned to camp for a delicious breakfast of scrambled egg and salmon on our fancy new camping stove. In the afternoon we headed down to the nearby port town of Lymington to seek out the newly placed an observatory that one of Michael’s colleague had designed. In the evening we had a group BBQ with an arts and crafts workshop, stick crowns and twig wrapping were my favourites – so simple, therapeutic and addictive! Michael had been given the task of organising inter-office softball tournament which was a great success!

As the sun set, the office band set up inside the marquee lined with white lights, children danced in pyjamas and adults chilled out listening to the interesting mixture of music the band had to offer…

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On Sunday, we woke to the sound of rain pattering on our tent and snoozed until our tummies started to rumble. We love the feeling of being cosy snuggled amongst our 2 duvets, 3 blankets and 1 sleeping bag (got to love British summers?) in our hand-me-down tent. After freshening up, we joined the rest of the party for croissants, delivered fresh from the local bakery and warm drinks.

Slowly everybody began to pack up their tents, games and children and say their goodbyes before heading off separate ways. We decided to make the most of our Sunday and the sunshine by heading to the local beach, Highcliffe, grabbing some picnic makings and spent the afternoon sunbathing and enjoying the surprisingly warm and clear blue sea!

We chatted about the weekend all the way home, comparing our best bits and planning our next visit to the New Forest. (I’m trying to persuade Michael to join me on a pony trekking weekend. I’m thinking long rides with breaks for lunch at locally recommended pubs or a picnic, and a splash in a river…!)

Thanks for another great summer party FCBS!


The great photos in this post were provided by futurekitsch via flickr.



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