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One of the highlights of our summer was spending time with my wonderful, feisty niece. This summer we were lucky enough to have her for three weeks and whilst Michael and I still had to go to work, we sure made the most of our long weekends and evenings! Our time with Bella was spent laughing, running, playing, jumping, chatting, reading and singing. We absolutely adore this girl and she puts such a sparkle in our eyes. She is turning into such a beautiful little lady, with some added spunk in there too for good measure!

Bella turned seven the day after Michael’s birthday so we made sure to celebrate when we got back from Porto. This summer she learnt to swim, camped for the very first time in the field next door to my ponies (waking up and poking my head out of the tent to be greeted by Ben and Jake was possibly one of the best experiences ever?), toasted marshmallows on our little camp fire, body boarding in the sea and rock climbing, riding and playing with the ponies, jumping over stepping stones at running wild at Ogmore Castle, visiting the Roman Baths, eating Japanese food and many a picnic outdoors in various locations.

At the end of her stay, we are always exhausted but our hearts are full and our cheeks ache from laughing so hard.

Coco 3  Coco 9Coco 1Coco 5

See you soon Coco B, we sure love you!



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