We went to see the Bristol crane dance and light show as part of the Heritage Festival with my mum. We arrived a little before it started and found a spot at the harbour side with a great view. It was a beautiful clear evening and the crowds began to fill up and there was a lovely, friendly atmosphere. As the sky turned dark, the live sea shanty style music began on a boat on the river and the cranes were flooded with bright colours as they moved elegantly to the beat of the music. There was something so graceful and romantic about the way these big 65-year-old cargo crane structures danced under the star lit sky. I was so happy to have my mum and Michael there to witness it with me. The crowd oohed and ahhed as if it were a firework display.

What was extra special about the evening, is that the event organisers had purchased a special edition of Michael’s illustration of the Bristol cranes which was used as the event advertisement. To think that the 10,000+ people who attended the event had seen and had their attention attracted by Michael’s work was so amazing. We are so proud and are desperate to get a copy of those leaflets.

A lovely evening and some precious memories!

To see Michael’s sketch on the events Facebook page click here.Cranes_By_Michael_Lewis_0



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