Pisa 1.jpgWe arrived at Pisa on Wednesday morning bright and early after a short train ride from Florence and found our apartment very close to the station. Our host was very welcoming and recommended a number of her favourite local restaurants which we were sure to check out. One of the best things about Airbnb is when the hosts are able to recommend their favourite places, restaurants and walks so you really feel like you’re able to see the secret beauties that tourist books don’t show you! Usually this means that the places are filled with locals and often much less busy during the week days whilst the locals are at work!

We knew that we would only be spending a little over 24 hours in Pisa so headed straight out to walk across the city, meandered the cobbled streets, stopping at a few temporary food markets along the way. We ended up in the north-west corner of the city at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Neither. Michael or I had been before so it was so fun to sit and read a little about the history of the Tower and watch the swathes of tourists take their typically posed photographs.

Pisa 4.jpg

We decided, despite the number of stairs we had climbed in Florence, we could not resist getting up high and climbing the Tower in Pisa. After a little stroll around the beautiful cathedral grounds, we made our way up the sloping stairs which are somewhat unnerving! Of course, the views were wonderful and we basked in the late afternoon sunlight before having to make our way down. (Funny story: the security guards metal detector beeped as it went over Michael’s stomach and they concluded that no, he hadn’t eaten any metal, he was in fact Superman! Haha, the scary soldiers with their guns were in hysterics?!)

Pisa 2.jpg

We decided to seek out some of the restaurants that our host had recommended for our evening meal and made our way over to the other side of the city where it appeared to be more residential. We chose to relax in some of the little parks and squares that we found along our path and people watched as children played after school and office workers made their way home.

Despite feeling totally disgusting after a day of walking in the humid weather, we settled into a lovely, classic restaurant for a few hours. The food was great and it all tasted so fresh. We were surrounded by locals.

Pisa 3.jpg

After dinner, we wandered back to our apartment, tired, full and smiling after another wonderful day of exploring. Apparently I taste great to mosquitoes in Pisa which was not pleasant but we enjoyed our rest nonetheless.

The next day we jumped on an early train to the beautiful Lucca!



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