Our Christmas was spent in Bath with family followed by a relaxing week at home in South Wales. Whilst Michael spent a few days between Christmas and New Years in Bath studying, I had a wonderful few days with my mum and niece. I ‘unplugged’ over the festive period with limited access to the internet and surrounding myself with loved ones, I wanted to focus on the present. It felt so good and needed!

In celebration of the New Year we decided to have a dinner and dance party at home so we had a delicious and fun meal of fajitas, nachos and nibbles. At 11:30 we wrapped up warm and headed out for sparklers and fireworks in the garden. Michael and I agreed that it was the best New Years Eve to date.

We are not usually the type to set ourselves New Years resolutions. However, we thought that ‘kindness’ would be our word for this year. I think we all need a bit more kindness in our lives, not only in the direction of others but for ourselves. We so often beat ourselves up with the fear of failure, comparison and self-judgment so we are going to try and loosen up a little and care more for our bodies, hearts and minds this year.

With this in mind, here are a few things I plan to do for myself. I’m the type of girl who craves dates in the diary and something to look forward to!

  • Apply for my first solo market stall at Frome Independent Market
  • Sign up to a sponsored charity bicycle ride
  • Look for a creative evening course/group, or, better yet, try and set one up!
  • Have friends round for more dinner parties in our home

So here is to a brand New Year.

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable break. May your year be filled with kindness!

May you have your spirits lifted today in some way.  May you be able to be full of the divine power that you already have within you to let go of whatever it is that you don’t have, and embrace whatever it is that you do have.  This will bring you PEACE and serenity in your life, even if things never, ever turn out the way you want.  May you believe that this life has a purpose…and it’s these very experiences that will refine us, more than anything else.

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