A diary entry from exactly one year ago that I recently came across on my phone. I wanted to share this on my blog so that I can look back, remember and be grateful for family and our health.

“20th January 2015

This week we struggled to get back into our usual routine after a week gallivanting in Rome and oh, what a week it has been.

2015 started off with some quite scary family illness. I would not wish that on anyone in the first week of a new year.

I began to question what kind of year this will be! In hope that it will get much better and that my Dad will recover.

I have felt increasing need to draw closer to my family, wanting to feel closer and also live closer. It was hard for me to jet off to Rome so close to my Dad being taken into hospital. I chose to work from the Cardiff office for the later part of the week, enabling me to commute from my parents home. I have spent the evenings snuggled up and chatting with my Mum and this weekend we plan to craft, play with our ponies and walk on the beach. Creativity is the cure of our anxieties, relaxing our mind and body. No doubt we will be fitting in some good food somewhere too!

I believe that family is key to happiness. My heart feels much less achey knowing that I will be surrounded by my family this weekend.

Here is to a healthy 2015.”




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