Happiness is…

  • Popping our own popcorn on the stove late one evening as a treat to go with our movie
  • Continuing to practice yoga and explore the stretches with my body
  • Spending my Friday morning at my sewing machine crafting and feel loose, both in my mind, body and creativity
  • Meeting with a new friend and feeling a connection; something I have longed for
  • Meeting Michael at the café early on Saturday morning after my haircut for porridge with chocolate drops (delicious!)
  • Mosying around Bath with Michael on Saturday, visiting our favourite stores and feeling light and free
  • Napping on the sofa under a cosy woolen blanket whilst the afternoon winter sunshine glistened through the windows
  • Exploring Castle Combe, a little village outside of Bath, and going on a 5 mile walk through the countryside without any particular direction
  • Buying my first official yoga mat online and receiving a ‘dispatched’ email and feeling excited for its arrival
  • The smell of a stew cooking in the slow cooker on Valentines Day and crusty bread ready for dunking
  • Feeling excitement and a sense of direction with the hope to develop a creative community in Bath
  • The determination and drive that I am surprising myself with, with regards to said creative community and personal creative ventures


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