choosingtolovemyself-final_Page_1.jpgWhilst I do not follow a religion and my beliefs are somewhat Atheist, I am often drawn to quotes and ideologies birthed in the church. There is no doubt that integrating kindness, love, self-worth and positivity into your life will have huge benefits. I came across a challenge via Instagram; #choosingtolovemyself initiated by The Small Seed blog. The idea being; since February is the month to celebrate love and since our minds are so quick to think destructively with the distractions and comparisons we make of our lives through social media, we should all be reminded to love ourselves a little more.

I read something that really resignated with me a couple of days ago and it went something like: to those whose grams I envy and whose stories I lust, I must reconsider for those have not visited the places I have been nor the experiences I have had. It is so interesting how we are so quick to put our own lives down and be envious of others but what if those whom we envy also feel the same way?

Coincidently, last night was Day 7 of the Yoga Camp with Adriene for me, and the mantra for the practice was “I choose”. Adriene invites us to finish the sentence as we see fit; I choose to be. To be present, content, lifted and at ease.

So not only do I choose to be present, content, lifted and at ease with where I am at this very moment, on this very day, I also choose to love myself. I am so quick to speak badly of myself and to put myself down that this will be a challenge indeed, but one I am only so keen to work at for the benefits are sure to be fantastic!

(If you haven’t checked out Adriene on Youtube  – you should!)

I LOVE MYSELF AS I AM – for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am beautiful, right now, just the way I am. I am more than my body, the clothes in my closet, or the style of my hair, for I am strong and do hard things. I am worth loving. I hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection, and I refuse to put myself down. I am a beautiful being, a daughter of God, and I love myself as I am.

The Small Seed




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