One Saturday morning, last November, my Mum and I found ourselves in the library close to my parents’ home. Trips to the library have become one of my favourite chores; it makes me slow down; I enjoy the calm atmosphere and feel somewhat mature. This particular morning, I logged onto the germ-infested public computers and found myself on the Easyjet website. In moments, with a click of my finger (literally) we purchased two tickets to Madrid. A getaway for two, the weekend before my 25th birthday. We left the building a little confused as to how a trip to renew a bunch of books, ended with the purchase of plane tickets. Nonetheless, we were glad to have something to look forward to in the new year!


Fast forward to 19th February, Michael dropped my Mum and I at the airport and we set off for a wonderful three days together in a beautiful city. Whilst sat on the plane, on the runway, we laughed about that Saturday morning at the library! Upon arrival to Madrid, we located our Airbnb apartment and headed straight out for some dinner. Now, despite having been in Spain for only a couple of hours, our first dinner was in fact at an Italian restaurant at Plaza de Santa Ana. The streets came alive as we sat under heated lamps eating one of the most delicious pizzas I have ever eaten.


On Saturday we were keen to get out and see the city in daylight, we were greeted with beautiful bright blue skies and sunshine. We headed towards Plaza Mayor, stopping to admire the food markets that were preparing for a day of trade. Plaza Mayor was empty, a rare sight we later realised, and so we took our time to appreciate the beautiful architecture, murals and huge archways. We had read in our guide book about the well-known Chocolateria San Gines and as a chocolate lover myself, it was the perfect spot to have a fun breakfast of churros dipped into a warm mug of melted chocolate.


With full tummies we made our way, slowly, admiring the window displays of shops as we passed, towards the Placio Real. Upon arrival, we were breath taken with the white stone which dazzled us in the morning sunlight. We soaked up the atmosphere, and the sun outside the palace and the adjacent Cathedral for a while, listening to the buskers. Meandering through the palace gardens, we came across the Sabatini Gardens and took a stroll, stopping to relax next to the impressive water fountains.


After all the walking we had done in the morning, we were ready to check out the Mercado de San Miguel. A very popular food market next to the Plaza Mayor with a great atmosphere and tonnes of delicious food; from brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, to delicious mini 1 euro tapas, deep fried squid, prawns, calamari, paella, oysters, various meat and cheese stalls and bakeries. We purchased our picnic-style lunch from various vendors and headed out to Plaza Mayor to sit, eat and enjoy. The Plaza was much busier by this time so we relaxed for a couple of hours just soaking in all the accents, buskers and smells of delicious food. Perfect!

Since the weather was such a treat, we decided to spend the afternoon at the Parque del Retiro, we were so happy to find a spot in the sun, surrounded by trees and some very tame cute little birds.


Feeling a little sun kissed we went home for a quick nap and a freshen up before going out in search of some tapas for dinner. We found a cute little café and shared patatas bravas and a paella close to Plaza de Santa Ana.

A wonderful day spent together, strolling the streets of Madrid.




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