This morning I realised it was exactly a month since my birthday and what a good month it has been. So I thought I should document some of things that have made me happy these past four weeks.

  • Of course I should start with my birth day! This year, I loved spending the morning of my birthday with my mum after a wonderful weekend in Madrid. Poodling around bath and having breakfast at Boston tea party. Followed by an afternoon cycle in the countryside with Michael and dinner at the wonderful vegetarian restaurant in town called Acorn.
  • Trying our hand at something new; a pottery class for two
  • Spending the day with Michael and a good friend from university, Daniel, at the Bath literature festival seeing Emma Bridgwater and an urban landscape lecture. Followed by a browse of a new to us, bookshop, hidden on a cobbled street in bath.
  • Having Jane, another friend from university visit, for a joint birthday brunch and a wander along the canal. A great chat with a good friend felt so good.
  • Spending Mother’s Day with my mum, eating cake and crafting in our cosy flat
  • Visiting Coco and my brother in St. Albans with my mum and watching Coco on stage in High School Musical.
  • Fitting in a quick stop at my parents’ house mid-week after a work related site visit. Such a treat to snuggle with my mum on a Wednesday evening.
  • Meeting up with old school teachers (who are also my mums friends) and their children and Veralamium Park, which is a great park, may I add.
  • A close friend from school, Ashley, joining us in St. Albans for a delicious Sunday roast at my brothers and his girlfriend’s pub. This was so special and I will always remember the laughs we had.
  • Spending the night in a hotel with my mum and niece, my two favourite girls. I absolutely adore spending time with these two.
  • A spur of the moment trip home with Michael and a Sunday spent with my horses in the sunshine. Perfect!
  • Michael and I splashed out and got our first iPhones, after months of deliberating, I didn’t quite realise how much time was wasted by a slow and unresponsive phone; I make phone calls with ease these days! What a luxury.
  • Our favourite summer meal of kebabs, humous, brown rice and pittas is back on the menu. We hate not being able to get our favourite kebabs from our local supermarket so we were so pleased to see them back in stock last week!
  • Longer daylight hours and sunshine. I say no more.
  • Getting offered an interview for a college course I am interested in and overcoming my initial fear of the interview tasks set. Charcoal, Willow and A1… Yicks!!

Wow, now that I have written that down I feel so happy to be surrounded by family and friends so often. My family make me whole!

With 10 days off work over Easter, I intend spending every moment drenched with family, I intend on spending afternoons at the beach building sand castles and dipping our toes in the sea, eating picnics outdoors and playing with my ponies.

Here is to another four weeks, let’s hope it is as good as the last!!




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