So the 19th May was a day we had been eagerly awaiting for three years.

Michael chose to take a year out of his architectural studies to get some work experience and settle into our first place together, here in Bath. We knew that he was set to go back to university for two years to complete is Part II of Architecture and it was something we dreaded. Two years seemed like a long time, a lot of lonely evenings for me, long nights behind a laptop screen for him and altogether quite an arduous struggle.

Soon enough the count down began and on Tuesday 9th February (Shrove Tuesday) we hit 100 days and celebrated with candles in our pancakes!

The weeks started to go by so quickly, 50, 40, 30.. and then we hit the single figures! With butterflies in our stomachs, the end was approaching and we started to make plans for AFTER Michael’s final hand in. I’ve always loved to plan a few things in advance to keep me going through the week and have something in the diary to look forward to – those dates sure kept me excited for our future!

As I write this, we will shortly be heading off up to Bath University to attend the Architecture end of year show. Michael has been officially finished for two weeks and is slowly getting back into the grove of real life.

Michael has been nominated for some pretty prestigious awards, including the RIBA Silver Award and I could not be more proud of what he has achieved in the past two years, whilst also living with an impatient and at times grumpy and needy girlfriend like me!

Here’s to real life Michael, I cannot wait!





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