Over Easter, I was lucky enough to spend a whole week with my mum and niece, Coco Bella. We always make a conscious effort to get outdoors and do different activities almost every day as this is when we have the most fun and everyone is at their happiest! From climbing Margam Mountain one morning and playing pooh sticks in the streams, to a BBQ on the beach and plenty of picnics in between. An afternoon with the ponies, exploring Ogmore sand dunes and delicious ice creams. We had a beautiful week together.

We decided to head a little further from home and spend the day at the Gower Peninsula, Oxwich Bay. As we drove down the narrow lanes, spotting wild ponies and listening to my mum tell tales of her childhood days spent at the Gower, the car journey felt like no time at all. Upon arrival, we were stunned by the picturesque views with a washed up sailing boat surrounded by blue gentle water, rolling hills and cliff faces.

Unloading our picnic, blankets, buckets and spades from the car, we spent the day exploring the rock pools, building sand castles, scouring the beach for its beautiful shells and indulging Coco with her love for math equations and problems? I just love that girl’s eagerness to learn all the time!

As the beach began to empty, we grabbed an ice cream each from the vendor just before she closed up for the day and headed along the sandy beach for a walk. Accompanied by horse riders enjoying the evening sunshine and sand between our toes, we chatted, laughed and made beautiful memories.

I hope that these times spent together, outdoors will stay with Coco as she grows up, I hope that the photographs and maybe even this blog, will be gentle a reminder over the years to come.

I sure love these ladies!








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