march-5Michael’s graduation was a day full of celebration! We decided to spend the day together, to appreciate the moment and acknowledge the journey we had both been on.

Graduation day marked the end of Michael’s full time university study – six years in total.

We started the day early and slowly walked in the sunshine along the river towards the pavilion where Michael received his gown.

As the sun glistened upon the Abbey, friends gathered, photographs were taken and butterflies began! Shortly after, we were welcomed into the ceremony and as a guest, I was lucky enough to sit near to the front, wedged amongst very proud and doting parents. I laughed so hard when the lady next to me asked what degree my son was receiving – haha!

I thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony, the first one that I have attended as a guest and so I was able to really listen to the speeches and admire the prestigious routines.

After a hundred or so people had walked across the stage, I noticed Michaels grin behind a pillar as he queued for his turn. His name was read out along with the award he received which caused the audience to erupt with applause. I felt so proud. He looked so smart and mature.

The whole ceremony was recorded and we made sure to package up some printed photographs and a CD of the recording to Michaels elderly grandparents. We laughed because the Chancellor whom Michael received his Certificate from is part of the royal family but Michael slapped him on the elbow whilst shaking his hand in quite a friendly, boisterous manor – so funny!

After lots of year group photographs, we ended the day with a delicious meal at ‘The Cow Shed’.

A happy, happy day!

march-2march-4march-6Michaels Graduation.gif




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