We planned a last minute, long weekend in the Algarve in early August. We had been told to steer clear of the Algarve coast, particularly at this time of year. Boozy holidays, hordes of tourists and drunken antics are really not our kind of holiday but after looking on Airbnb we found a cute little converted stable in the countryside north of Faro, with picturesque drives to beaches with more locals and tourists. We checked some flights and timings and things all seemed to align so we went for it and booked a car!

We absolutely loved having the car with us, despite it being a bit nerve wracking at first as we had not driven on the other side of the road before! – It was a success and we can’t wait to do it again! (We lucked out and got a cute Fiat500 which is my dream car so that was a bit of a bonus!)

Our days were filled with dips in the beautiful pool outside out little apartment, beach hoping, picnics and late night dinners. We played a lot of cards and loved exploring the countryside.

One evening we happened upon a medieval festival in a little village and decided to stick around to catch the procession with real life camels, donkeys and snakes walking down the street! We watched jousting re-enactment in the evening as the sun set, a great find and one of the major perks of having a car!

We love finding quieter places, off the beaten track, a little more difficult to get to, but so worth it! (This is definitely one of the perks of having a car!)

We do not have many photographs of our trip which always means that we were able to really relax, unplug and just enjoy our little getaway, we feel so comfortable in Portugal, we love their welcoming, friendly, family focused nature.






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