This year my mum and I were able to organise our calendar in advance and lucked out with two whole weeks off work, at the same time. My niece Coco came to visit for these two weeks so we had a jam packed, fun filled time!

The weather was pretty good so our days were spent on the beach, having picnics and barbeques. It was a year of firsts of Coco as she perfected her cycling (without stabilisers) and become a whizz on the surf and body board catching nearly every wave that came her way! We also booked her first real riding lesson so she learnt how to walk, steer and trot for the first time too!

We had a wonderful time, so many memories that I hope Coco will remember as she grows. I know that my mum and I will cherish them forever.


We love you Porthcawl.

We love you summer.

And we love you SO much Coco!



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