The weather was looking to be good for the last weekend in August and since it was a bank holiday weekend, we decided to pack up our and head to the Pembrokeshire Coast – a place I had never been before but heard great things about.

We checked into our not so wonderful camp site and quickly drove away to make the most of the beautiful countryside and coastline that surrounded us. We spent the first day at Skrinkle Haven, a beach we happened upon and absolutely loved. There was a steep and narrow walk down to the beach meaning it wasn’t so easy to get to and therefore not so busy. We swam, admired the wonderful rock formation, played cards and picnicked!

After struggling to find somewhere to have dinner we decide to grab some makings for a barbeque and spent the evening back on Skrinkle Haven as the sun set, another family on the beach had a bomb fire and later we were joined by a young family playing a ukulele and folk songs. It was so beautiful and an evening I hope to remember.

Check these photos out – so much beauty in our own country!




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